Monthly Warehouse Sale

149 Regal Street, Murphy, North Carolina 28906

NEXT SALE | Fri Sep 14th - Sat Sep 15th

2752 Dug Gap Rd, Dalton, Georgia 30721

NEXT SALE | Fri Aug 24th - Sat Aug 25th

Once a month we will have a warehouse sale.

Every 2nd Weekend for our Regal Street Location

Every 4th Weekend for our Dalton Location

This allows us to liquidate floors that we cannot sell through our website; maybe it's a small lot, maybe the defect is more prominent than we are comfortable selling on our website, maybe we have just had it too long!

For our February Warehouse Sale we are excited to introduce our new Sample Grade of flooring. We will offer special products exclusively during the warehouse sale and then extend it to our online customers on Monday.

We are also starting a new promotion during our February Warehouse Sale. We will take 3% off of any wood purchase and apply it to the purchase of any of our 28,000+ rugs. Credit can be used for up to 50% of the rug price.

For whatever reason, for one weekend each month, we open the doors, and staff our warehouse to offer our customers further discounted prices on Shaw, Somerset and Anderson hardwood flooring.


  • Friday : 9AM - 5PM
  • Saturday : 9AM - 4PM

Most of the inventory included in our warehouse sale will not be listed on our website.

Many times inventory will be discounted at the sale before the price is lowered on our website.