Antique 3.25

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Antique 3.25

Price : $2.19

Width : 3¼" Square Footage Available: 550 Color Name : WO Gunstock Location : Murphy, NC Thickness : ¾" Category : Installation : NAIL/STAPLE Radiant Heat : No Size : 0 Defect : 0 CLICK HERE For more information

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Our Antique Cabin solid collection is a wire-brushed solid Oak choice that will have a more rustic appeal than the Oak Plank. This is because of the texture created with the wire brushing that the manufacturer applies. Also, the Antique will have a slightly longer average board length than the Oak Plank.
Like all of our Cabin floors, this product allows knots, color variation, wormholes, etc, and will have an average board length that is less than the first quality. Expect boards to be between 10” and 48”, with an average around 16”.
Our 3 ¼” plank floors are for the customer that prefers a little wider floor.
The White Oak Gunstock finish is a medium colored finish, with less of a warm tint than the Red Oak Gunstock. Because it doesn’t have a dark stain, this floor will exhibit a bit more variation between boards than the Mystic or Cherry finishes.