Oak Plank

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Oak PlankMetro Brown

Location : Murphy, NC 3240 sqft available

Sale Price : $2.69

Species : White Oak Style Name : Oak Plank Category : Color Name : Metro Brown Location : Murphy, NC Square Foot Per Box : 40 SQFT Pallet : 1280 Width : 5 Thickness : ½" Weight Per Sq Ft(LBS) : 2 Quality : 1st Quality Installation : NAIL/STAPLE/GLUE/FLOAT PLY : 8 Wearlayer : .125



Our Oak Plank Collection is interesting in that it is made with the highest grade of lumber. The Oak Plank products will exhibit less color variation than literally almost any product on the market.
The construction of these floors also sets them apart. Firstly, we utilize a 7 layer hardwood core that is ½” thick. This results in a harder, more stable floor than almost anything on the market. Then we add the top layer of face sawn hardwood. What is special about face sawn? Most engineered floors are made with rotary peeled veneers, which have a higher yield. While this saves money, it results in a visual that is different from a typical hardwood floor. Our Oak Plank Collection, like the Appalachian, Antique, and Country, all use face sawn techniques. And you can tell the difference! These floors are cut just like a solid hardwood floor, so they look like a hardwood floor…..like they should!
In the lighter colors like Red Oak Natural, you will see a small amount of color variation. In the darker colors the variation is even less.