5 Fantastic Benefits of Hardwood Floors in Your Home or Office

hardwood floors in a home

Hardwood floors are the best option for your home or office, adding a beautiful design element that can easily adapt to any new or existing furnishings. They not only look amazing in appearance, but offer a number of benefits that you may not even have considered! Here are 5 fantastic benefits of hardwood floors:

1. Environmental Benefits

Hardwood floors are the most environmentally friendly flooring option on the market! While some may believe that the sale of wood floors depletes forests, sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious consequences to the environment. This is because trees are a renewable resource that can be regrown over and over. When hardwood floors have finally reached the end of their service life, they can be burned as fuel or recycled.

2. Health Benefits

Woman breathing in clean air in homeIf you are one of the 60 million people in the United States who suffer from asthma or allergies, there is no better type of flooring than hardwood floors! This is because they do not shelter allergens, microorganisms and harmful pesticides that can be tracked in from the outdoors. Another health benefit is that mold and dust is minimal with wood floors, so they provide a better indoor air quality than other flooring materials!

3. Durability Benefits

Another one of the excellent benefits of hardwood floors is that they are extremely durable! Each type of wood used to make floors has a different density, which means a different level of hardness. When durable hardwood floors are your top concern, you should select a hardwood such as Brazilian redwood rather than a soft wood type pine that might dent more easily. Regardless of which type of hardwood flooring you choose, it will be around for a lifetime and may even last hundreds of years!

4. Maintenance Benefits

A vacuum on a hardwood floor.The routine maintenance of hardwood floors is incredibly simple, usually requiring nothing more than a broom or mop! You can also use a wood flooring cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood floors, which will help to remove any dirt from the surface and keep your floors looking new! If you have a vacuum, remember to use the bare floor setting when cleaning your hardwood floors. Be careful not to use a wet mop or a steam mop on your wood floors as the water can dull the finish and perhaps even damage the wood.

5. Investment Benefits

The installation of hardwood floors into your home is one of the best investments that you can make! This is because wood floors add a significant value to your home and can raise the sale price if you ever want to move. In fact, surveys have shown that most realtors feel that homes with hardwood floors sell faster and sell for more money than properties without hardwood floors!

Now that you have learned about all of the fantastic benefits of hardwood floors, check out the flooring products from ReallyCheapFloors.com to find the perfect hardwood floor for your home or office! We look forward to doing business with you!