What to Expect When Ordering and Receiving Your Flooring

All of our flooring is shipped on wooden blocks or pallets. Your flooring is transported by a semi-truck or box truck. If you do not have a loading dock or a forklift, you will need to let the sales person know that you need your flooring shipped residential with a lift gate.

Shipping Residential with Lift: Your flooring will be delivered to a residential home/neighborhood that is easily accessible by a semi-truck. If you live on a narrow, dead end or obstructed street you may want to have your flooring shipped to a terminal or business with a dock or forklift to avoid delivery problems or extra fees.

Terminal: Our sales people may be able to find a carrier terminal near you. If your flooring is shipped to a terminal, the carrier will call to let you know it has arrived. Please take a form of identification when picking up from the terminal and a copy of your bill of lading or tracking/pro number.

Business with a Dock/Forklift: This is NOT a business located in a residential home. If you have a business or your friend has a business in a commercial area with a dock or forklift, you can have your flooring shipped there. If your business has a roll-up door or no forklift you will need a lift gate, please let your sales person know this. Please provide a business name to your sales person when ordering.

Note: The carrier considers the following NON-COMMERCIAL and will have to ship as residential: church, construction, country club, farm, golf course, government site, school, storage facility.

*All addresses are Google mapped.

Shipment Delivery Times: All delivery dates/times are estimates.’s Limited cannot guarantee specific delivery times/dates and we strongly recommend that the customer not schedule installation or equipment rental until product is received in hand by customer. Please keep in mind shipments do not travel on weekends or holidays.

When Your Order Has Shipped: Your shipment is scheduled through Globaltranz, a third-party company that books the shipment with the carrier that will best suit your needs. This service is provided at your expense and courtesy from us at You will receive an email from the shipping department at that will contain your tracking information and a copy of your bill of lading. We suggest you print the bill of lading and have it handy when your shipment arrives as it contains pallet/piece count of your shipment.

Your Bill of Lading will contain your carrier contact information in the event you need to speak with the carrier about your shipment. It also shows contact information for Globaltranz 1-774-929-6336 the booking agency.

Receiving Your Shipment: Before you accept your flooring, inspect the freight for any damage, signs of damage, or shortage. Damage/shortage should be noted at the time of delivery on the actual delivery receipt/bill of lading and signed by driver.

It is your responsibility to check outside cartons, packaging, and pallet conditions and note any details, which will help you in the event you must file a claim against the carrier. You have the right to hold the carrier (for a reasonable amount of time) at delivery site until inspection of delivery is complete.

Missing/Damaged Product: If you do not receive total shipment or there is damage, IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU NOTE ANY DAMAGE OR SHORTAGE ON THE DELIVERY RECIEPT/BILL OF LADING BEFORE THE DRIVER LEAVES, as recourse is very limited for shipments without written damage/missing pieces notated. ***You cannot file a claim for cosmetic damage to your packaging! Claims are for DAMAGE TO YOUR ACTUAL PRODUCT***

Concealed Damages: All concealed damage or un-noted shortage must be reported directly to the carrier within 15 calendar days of the shipment delivery date. Concealed damage is any damage observed to the freight that was not provided in writing on the delivery receipt/bill of lading. The carrier may be within their right to pick up the damaged product(s) as salvage material. When informing the carrier be sure to note whom you spoke with, location and title, date carrier was notified and request a number that may be assigned to your claim.

For your benefit we recommend you document damage with photographs.

Disclaimer: By accepting and signing for your freight you are acknowledging that all items are accounted for and undamaged.