Made in the USA

We only sell hardwood flooring that’s made in the USA.


If you have tried to buy a computer or almost any electronics lately, you probably know that they are almost all made in China. Want to buy electronics made in the USA? Good Luck!

We Americans love to blame the migration of jobs to China on our government. The fact is that we, the consumers, are the ones to blame. Every factory owner in the US gets out of bed with the same goal… to make a living. If Americans will choose goods made in the USA over Chinese goods, there will be more of those goods made here in the USA. Not only are American-made goods better, but those purchases help the American Economy.

Every piece of flooring we offer, from Shaw, Anderson, or Somerset, is manufactured in the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina and North Carolina. Local woodcutters harvest the trees, local sawmills produce the lumber, local people man the factories, and local people drive the trucks necessary to move this flooring from our warehouses to your home. These people are our friends, family, or neighbors. As this industry continues to grow, the next person hired may be a family member. You can bet buying Chinese flooring will not help your local economy.

So whether you buy from us here at or from one of the many other hardwood flooring retailers, just ask, “Is this made in the USA?”

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