Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple Hardwood Flooring in Kitchen

Frequently we get asked, “what is the best floor to buy?” What a doozy of a question! When considering your best floor option, qualities like hardness, price, and quality come into play. And sometimes, you want all of that, and more! That is where the wood species Maple comes in.

Maple offers a different look than any other floor. Want a solid colored floor, without grain lines? Maple can do that. Want contemporary looks? Maple can do that. Want a rustic look, with varying shades of warm colors? Maple can do that! Oh, but you want those at a great value?! can do that! With Maple’s help, of course.

What is Maple?

Ok, enough hyperbole. Most maple used in flooring, at least for US manufacturers, is Hard Maple. Hard Maple will Janka at 1,450, which makes it harder than Red or White Oak. Bet you didn’t know that! There exceptions, namely hand-scraped Maple floors, which utilize a softer Red Maple, or imported floors, which are really not made from Maple at all, but a much softer wood called Siberian Larch.

Hard Maple has many uses, including basketball courts, bowling alleys, cutting boards, and musical instruments. Part of the reason is that it is easy to work with. Easy because it cuts well and maintains its visual well. There is no chipping due to grain tear.

Maple vs. Oak Flooring

Maple, unlike Oak, typically will yield a higher percentage of high-grade lumber. Part of this is due to its lack of knots, as well as less variation in color. If you want to learn more about oak flooring read our blog about oak hardwood flooring. Maple shows a softer grain pattern joined with a generally brighter color. Maple offers a more contemporary look than oak. Oak offers a heavier grain and is used in heritage homes and restorations.

The consistent color found in Maple, it is often the wood of choice for cabinets and millwork, especially in more contemporary applications. If you are looking for dramatic visuals or darker tones oak hardwood may be the right fit for you.

Different Grades of Maple Flooring

Lest we forget, Maple can also be a choice for Rustic applications. In the picture below you see our Country Maple from Somerset. This floor is made using the #1 Common lumber that Somerset mills in their own wood mills. In this product, you see the variation in color that is so popular today, while still maintaining the longer board lengths. Our Country Collection is available in both Solid and Somerset’s exclusive SolidPlus, their engineered floors that are made to offer the exact same visuals as their solid wood counterparts, but in a manner that allows the product to be used on a concrete subfloor, or in an application that a solid is not recommended.

Country Maple Pine Floor in living room

Country Maple Natural – Solid & Engineered Offerings

We offer 2 colors in the Country Maple….Maple Pine, shown above, and Maple Onyx.

Country Maple Onyx Floor in living room

Country Maple Onyx – Solid & Engineered Offerings

These floors are available in Solid widths of 3 ¼”, 4”, and 5”, while engineered versions are offered in 3 ¼” and 5” widths.

For those who prefer a more consistent colored visual, we offer Somerset’s Appalachian Collection. As you can see in the Maple Natural photo below, our Appalachian Maple offers a look much different from the Country, even though it is possible that they came from the same tree!

Appalachian Maple Natural floor hallway to living room

1st Quality Appalachian Maple Natural

The Appalachian Collection includes 3 colors: the aforementioned Natural, Maple Greystone, and Maple Tumbleweed. Like the Country collection it is offered in both solid and engineered flooring, with 3 ¼”, 4″, and 5” widths in solid, 3 ¼” and 5″ in engineered.

Somerset’s Maple Flooring

Can we pause for just a minute and hear a word from our sponsor? Ok…I really do not have a sponsor, but I would like to take a moment and brag on Somerset’s engineered flooring. So many times we only want to compare price, or grade,  or price. But we forget that we need quality as well. I can promise you that Somerset makes the highest quality engineered floor of any company in the USA. I won’t bore you with specs, facts, pics, and my own personal preferences as I did in this engineered blog last year, but I would like for you to glance at the picture below. This is a cross-section of an engineered floor. Wanna know what grade it is? It doesn’t matter. All Somerset engineered floors are made just like this! With 8 plies of hardwood core and a 3 mm top layer, I challenge you to find anything this well made, at any price. This is American maple at its finest.

Maple Rustic Plank Collection

Ok, one more collection to discuss, Our Rustic Plank. While the Rustic Plank Collection offers 8 colors, sadly, only one is a Maple, Maple Mist. Rustic Plank offers engineered boards in 6 and 7” widths.  Maple Mist happens to be one of the 6” widths, as well as being one of the few offerings with a distressed finish. In the pic below you can see where the surface of the floor has been distressed, resulting in a floor with a more rustic look. The Maple Mist also happens to be one of our most popular floors.

All of our Somerset running line floors will offer a 50-year warranty for residential applications, as well as a 5-year commercial warranty.

Builder Grade Maple Flooring

We also offer these 3 collections in 2 other grades, Builder and Cabin. Our Builder grade is a great way to save money while still getting quality hardwood floors. Builder grade floors will not contain unfilled knots bigger that ¼”, and will offer a 15 year top to bottom warranty, all at approximately half the price of first quality, running line floors. Below you can see an open box, racked out, of an Engineered Maple Natural 5” floor from our Appalachian Collection.

Cabin Grade Maple Flooring

With our Cabin grade comes the big savings! While still utilizing the 8 layer hardwood core, 3 mm veneer (in the engineered), and aluminum oxide finish, our Cabin sells for around a buck, depending on width and specie. Yes, it will have knots and shorter board length, but at a buck for the engineered, or 2 bucks for the solid, the value is apparent! In the picture below, we have racked out an entire box of 3 ¼” wide Appalachian Maple Tumbleweed. The Jesuits say the end justifies the means. We feel like that applies to our Somerset Cabin grade….the savings justify the end. Well, something like that.

Happy To Answer Any Maple Questions

If you have any questions about any of our Maple hardwood floors, regardless of grade, or if you would like to receive a sample, please, pick up the phone or drop us an email. Our salespeople are all trained professionals. Well….all except Kyle. I wonder sometimes. We would love to help you find the flooring solution that makes you happy not just with the price, but with the performance for years to come.