Tile Vs. Hardwood Floors: What Should You Choose?

tile vs hardwood floors

As a homeowner you will have many decisions to make when it comes to customizing your home. The first step is to buy the home, and then from there you have unlimited possibilities of how you can make this home yours. One of those home options is your flooring. Your flooring can really make or break a room sometimes. That’s why it’s good for homeowners to be educated on what all is out there to choose from. We have a lot of customers ask about tile vs. hardwood floors, so we’ve broken the two options down so you can decide which is best for you:

A Timeless Choice

Hardwood flooring is a timeless choice for a lot of homeowners. Sometimes you just can’t beat the look and feel of solid hardwood flooring. This flooring is popular in pretty much any room, and it just might be perfect for your home.


dark hardwood floorThere are some pros when choosing solid hardwood flooring. When comparing tile vs. hardwood floors, you’ll notice that hardwood floors are warmer for your feet. This is great for rooms where you know you’ll be on your feet for a while, like cooking in the kitchen. Hardwood floors are also better for your feet. The surface of hardwood floors are smoother which is really helpful for your achy feet on a long day of work. When you compare prices for tile vs. hardwood floors, it will appear that tile is cheaper. However, hardwood floors are actually cheaper when you factor in the cost of installation and labor. It costs more to install tile flooring.


Hardwood floors are less water resistant than tile flooring. This becomes more a problem when you put the flooring in a room like the bathroom or the kitchen. You can put hardwood flooring in these rooms, but you’ll have to keep up with spills, and there is a higher chance of water damage.

Plenty of Design Possibilities

Tile flooring is a great choice for those that are looking to break the mold and deviate away from what everyone else is doing. There are a lot of great possibilities when you choose tile flooring.


Tile flooring is extremely water resistant. You can rest easy knowing that water damage won’t be an issue with this type of flooring. This can give you the reassurance you’re looking for. Tile flooring also has many design possibilities. You can choose different colors, shapes and sizes for your floor design. If you have pets, then tile would be a great choice in your home because it doesn’t scratch.


One of the cons of tile flooring is that it can crack. This isn’t very likely, but it is something that can happen. It is usually due to poor installation, so make sure you do your research when hiring someone to do the installation job. Also, sometimes the grout in tile flooring can start to peel away so be sure to check on your flooring to see what minor touch-ups can be done to help it last longer.

You can look at these pros and cons when comparing tile vs. hardwood floors and see which is the best option for you. Check out our solid hardwood flooring options to get the timeless look for your next home improvement project.