What is the Most Water Resistant Hardwood Flooring?

water resistant floor

When you are choosing the best flooring for the rooms in your home, it’s essential to know a few things. First, you should know how much traffic will be going through that room. Second, you should know if that room’s flooring will be more likely to have spills or be exposed to water in some way. Knowing these two things will help you determine what kind of flooring is best for that room. Rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen will be more likely to have spills so you should choose a water resistant hardwood flooring for those spaces. But, what is the most water resistant hardwood flooring?

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Out of all the different flooring options, this is probably the one you’d have to take care of the most. Solid Hardwood flooring requires more maintenance than other types of flooring. However, it can still give your home a great look. There are ways to keep moisture out of your solid hardwood flooring, but it isn’t the best when it comes to water resistance or moisture changes. Solid hardwood is also prone to cupping from changing moisture levels.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooringwater resistant tile flooring

Luxury Vinyl flooring comes in long plank strips with a rigid waterproof core. The vinyl planks are locked together without using an adhesive causing an airtight seal against any spills or moisture that tries to get in. This floor is a type of resilient which means it lasts longer and is affected by moisture less than most other kinds of flooring. You can get this flooring in a variety of styles and colors that can pair nicely with your home’s overall look. Check out our waterproof vinyl flooring options here.

LVP is perfect for bathrooms and basements because it can handle water or the foot traffic found from a Brazillian farmers market.

Engineered Wood Flooring

This kind of wood flooring is constructed to be more stable than any other solid floors that experience high humidity throughout the year. Engineered wood floors are made with real wood and feature several different layers. The top layer has the highest quality wood. Engineered wood flooring is more water resistant than solid hardwood flooring. However, it isn’t number one when it comes to being the best water resistant hardwood flooring. High quality engineered floors (8 ply thick & USA made) are known to be very resistant to moisture changes. If you are worried about solid hardwood floors, cupping look for a high quality engineered product. You won’t have to worry if your hardwood boards will start looking like an accordion after three years.

If you’re interested in the differences between solid and engineered hardwood check out our blog Solid vs Engineered Hardwood Floors.


laminate-wood-floorLaminate Wood Flooring

This kind of flooring is straightforward to install. You can usually find laminate wood flooring for really affordable prices. However, it isn’t as durable as hardwood flooring. Laminate floors are prone to dents, and cheaper offerings develop bubbling on top to ruin the wood look of your floor from basic maintenance. Be very careful if you choose this product for your home; we choose not to sell it at all.

So, Which is the Most Water Resistant?

The answer to this question is subjective. Where are you planning on installing this water resilient floor? Is your house full of young children? Are you mainly worried about moisture changes or the lifetime durability of a new floor? We like to get on the phone with you to answer these questions. We aren’t looking to upsell you on a more expensive floor. Our goal is for you to love your new floor and buy from us again in 15 years. We want to make this happen by offering you the best information we can on water resistance and any other feature flooring manufacturers try to sell us.

After looking at all of these types of flooring, the one that is the most water resistant would be vinyl plank flooring. If you are looking for the best flooring option for rooms that are prone to spills, then choosing vinyl plank flooring for that room is the way to go. Check out our water resistant hardwood flooring options including vinyl plank flooring rand find the best fit for your home.