5 Reasons We’re the Best Place to Buy Hardwood Floors

5 Reasons We’re the Best Place to Buy Hardwood Floors

When it comes to hardwood floors, you want the best price for top quality floors. And who can blame you? When you purchase hardwood flooring from us, you get great floors and insanely low prices. That’s one of the reasons we’re a popular place to buy hardwood floors from. Here are 5 reasons ReallyCheapFloors is the best place to buy hardwood floors:

1. We Know Hardwood Floors

samples-of-hardwood-floorsWe’ve put a lot of time into learning and understanding how hardwood floors work and the best way to take care of them. Use our Hardwood 101 page to get a greater understanding of what you are buying. We made the hardwood 101 page to help you with definitions and classifications of flooring in an attempt to prove we aren’t spewing jibberish on our product pages!  If you still have questions after you’ve read everything on our Hardwood 101 section, we are more than happy to answer them!


2. We Have a Great Selection of Flooring

Whether it’s real hardwood floors you are looking for or luxury vinyl, we’ve got you covered. We currently carry:

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile

But the selection isn’t the only thing that we’ve got going for us. The prices we offer are unbeatable compared to our competitors.

3. We Want to Help You Find the Perfect Floor for Your Space

sales associate talking with customersThe main reason we want customers to come to our showrooms is that we want to be able to talk about the different flooring options we have available, and we want to help you find the right hardwood floors for your space. Do you need a wider plank? Is this for your retirement home, or did you start a family with twins? These questions will help us understand the type of flooring you need. If you have young children or toddlers with pets, it may be best to go with a more water-resistant engineered hardwood.

If the paint you are putting on your walls is darker, a lighter floor will help make the room feel bigger and make the color pop. And vice versa. If your space is smaller, a lighter floor is the best option for you. We will assume you have a good idea of what you want based on Pinterest ideas (Pinterest recipes feed my family most nights), but we would like to double-check and answer any of your questions in person!

4. Better Prices Than Our Competitors

We mentioned it earlier, but let us say it again. We are the best place to buy hardwood floors from because we offer lower prices than any of our competitors. We don’t just beat them with our prices. We beat the in value. What does this mean?

When Lowes, Home Depot, or Lumber Liquidators lists a cheap floor on their website or display in their store, they have one goal in mind. They expect to upgrade you away from that low price point to a better or more expensive floor. The cheapest hardwood floor you can make is a 3/8″ thick floor. We recommend a 1/2″ thick floor for durability reasons. A lot of our 1/2″ thick boards are made in the US, have aluminum oxide finishes on them, and warranties that can be backed up by a well-known company. You will not find that combination often with a 3/8″ floor. If you do, you will find that we can still beat their Chinese hardwood and vinyl prices.

A reason for this is because a majority of our hardwood floors are made locally in the United States, so we get to cut down on the shipping costs and make the floors cheaper for you. If you found a similarly manufactured, milled, and finished floor at a better price than us, please send it to us in our contact us page. You’ll get a special treat if you can find one.

5. Three Great Locations

We have three locations: one in Murphy, NC, one in Dalton, GA, and another in Orlando, FL. All locations will have items from our online inventory and will have friendly staff ready and waiting to help you find the floors you are looking for and to answer any questions you may have. All locations have separate operating hours, so keep that in mind when you decide to visit one of them. They will be open Monday through Friday, and each month, once a month, our three locations will be open on Saturdays for a warehouse sale.

Take a look at our hardwood floors to get an idea of what kind of floors you are looking for before you stop by one of our great locations!