When is the Best Time to Install Hardwood Floors?

person installing wood flooring

If you’re gearing up for a huge remodeling project, then you are probably also wondering when the best time to work on your project is. Most remodeling projects include installing hardwood flooring in your home which is a big process within itself. With all that dust and debris flying around, you’re going to start wondering when is the best time to install hardwood floors? We’ve created a handy guide with tips and trick to let you know when the best time to install your flooring is. This guide will help save you money and hopefully help you feel more confident about your remodeling project!

Make a Remodeling Timeline

First things first, you should sit down and record on a piece of paper all the rooms that will be included in your remodeling project with a list of what needs to be done in each room. If you’re tearing something down, then that needs to happen before anything is installed. The best piece of advice we like to give people when taking on home improvement projects is to stay organized. This will keep you from getting flustered further down the road.

Install Cabinets and Countertops Before Installing the Flooring

man installing cabinetsWe suggest installing cabinets and countertops before installing your hardwood flooring. This is ideal when you are remodeling a kitchen or dining room space. You should also start repainting before you begin working on the flooring. This will ensure paint doesn’t accidentally get on your brand new flooring. Once you install your hardwood flooring, you’ll have to wait 30 days before laying anything on it or you’ll risk damaging the new finish. Repairing the finish of your flooring can get pretty expensive, so that’s why we advise painting before installation.

The Best Time to Install Hardwood Floors

So, when is the best time to install hardwood floors? Our advice is to save that for last. You’ll want to wait until all other projects in the room are complete before moving on to installing the flooring. This will prevent any unwanted dirt or debris from getting on your brand new hardwood floor. It’s also good to see how the room is turning out before you decide on what kind of flooring you want. You’ll be able to picture what the room will look like once the flooring is added.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

comparing flooring optionsAfter any remodeling project, you’re going to have some small changes that need to be made. The best advice we can give is to not sweat the small stuff. You can always do a touch-up here and there if you need to.
Saving the best for last really is the best time to install hardwood floors. Looking to buy affordable hardwood flooring? Check out our selection of prefinished hardwood flooring at ReallyCheapFloors.com. Our products are all made in the USA. You’ll be sure to find the perfect flooring for your remodeling project.