How to Lighten Up Your Room That Has Dark Wood Floors

dark wood floors in bedroom with vaulted ceilings

Dark wood floors can present beautiful and bold statements in a home. Dark woods are definitely “in style” right now too. However, floor buyers might avoid the beauty of these dark woods because they are worried about making a room look too dark or even smaller. While these can  be actual concerns, we have some tips on how to lighten up and decorate your room so you don’t get that cave like feel.

Light Walls

A finished basement with stunning hardwood floors.
The best way to compliment your dark floors is with light colored walls. The color contrast will offset your flooring and give you a nice balance of light and dark. Not only that, but the lighter color will cause more light to bounce around your room making it naturally brighter, and feel larger. If you don’t want to go too light with your walls try matching the undertone colors in your floors. Instead though, go a few shades lighter than your desired undertone color and this way you will still have a smooth balance to the room.


A recommended suggestion when picking out furniture is to make the legs of your furniture match your dark wood floors. This way you have a seamless fluidity to your room. As for actual furniture go with more neutral colors like grays, white, cream, even black. You could also choose dark cold colors in blues, reds, even purples. These are all common colors found as undertones in dark wood floors.


For your rug choices you can either stick to a monochromatic scheme or throw some color in there! A rug is a great way to break up the dark wood coloring and add some dimension to your room.

couch with accent pillowsAccents

You can add other pops of color in simple ways around your newly redone dark wood floors. Use throw pillows or blankets to put on a couch or bed. Mirrors or frames on the wall can add more dimension to a room with dark wood floors, once again making it feel bigger. As for trimmings and doorways you can have a color mixed up just for you that can match your dark wood floors and then just paint it. Or you can stick with another color that you find is a great mix or neutral color between your floors and your walls.

Dark wood floors are classic, modern, and bold all in one! These tips are great ways to add more style and compliment your dark wood floors! Check out our affordable hardwood flooring options at to find the dark wood flooring that catches your eye!