3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Installation

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One of the best ways to make your life a whole lot easier when you’re installing flooring in your home is by buying prefinished hardwood floors. These boards already have the finishing coat applied by the manufacturing, so you have one less thing you have to do in the installation process. The finishing coat on this flooring lasts for a while and give the floor planks a beautiful sheen. If you are about to begin a home improvement project that include re-doing your floors, then you’ll want to consider prefinished hardwood flooring as an option. To cut down on costs you can complete the prefinished hardwood flooring installation yourself and that’s just one fact you might not know.

1. You Can Complete the Installation Yourself

person installing wood flooringIf you’re looking for ways to cut down on costs when installing your flooring, then you can do the installation yourself. It isn’t as difficult as installing a floor that also need finishing. Also, you’ll only need a few tools to complete the job. Our best advice is to do your research before you begin the installation process and if you have any questions you should ask the manufacturer of the flooring that you’re purchasing. If you don’t feel confident in installing the floor yourself, then you should definitely consult a professional. You’ll want to hire someone that is affordable and you know they’ll do a good job.

2. Installation Includes Labor Fees

Just like when you get your car fixed and you have to pay labor fees, you’ll also have to pay labor fees for prefinished hardwood flooring installation. Some people do the installation themselves because they want to save money, but if you feel better knowing a professional is doing the job you should do research and create a budget for the job. When you’re creating the budget include at least half of the budget for labor fees. The smaller the square footage for your flooring the less it will cost for labor fees. Knowing that you have the labor budgeted will give you peace of mind when you start the flooring installation process. This way you won’t be blindsided by any of the extra charges.

3. Installation Time Frame

A man installing a solid hardwood floor with a flooring nailer.Sometimes installation can take longer than most people expect. If you’re installing yourself you should give yourself at least 3 weeks to complete the installation process. This seems like a lot of time, but you’ll want to purchase the wood and have it sitting in the space for at least 2 weeks so that it can get acclimated to the humidity. The wood will expand and contract based on the climate/humidity in the room. The best thing to do is move out all the furniture in the room and focus on doing on room at a time for installation. You should give yourself enough time to complete the process. Don’t feel like you have to rush anything because the flooring will be better if you take your time.

These are 3 facts you probably didn’t know about prefinished hardwood flooring installation. Now that you have all this information, you can now select the flooring for your home. Browse our selection of prefinished hardwood flooring to see what fits for your next flooring upgrade.