Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Buying Hardwood Flooring

wood planks being measured

Hardwood flooring projects can seem incredibly overwhelming. Between costs, colors, finishes, and even width size there are plenty of decisions to be made. However, this process doesn’t have to seem scary. Instead, it should be fun! We’ve listed several questions you need to answer at the start of your remodel process that will make your hardwood flooring installation go much more smoothly.

Which wood species is the right one for you to buy?

Species, there’s a lot of trees out there with all different colors, looks, and textures. Make sure you consider all of your options. Think about durability and if you are installing this flooring in a high traffic or low traffic area of your home. High traffic areas need hardwood that is more durable and harder, like Walnut or Oak flooring. When you learn what species of flooring hold up better than others it becomes easier to see what type of colors and patterns your wood will have.

What wood flooring is best for pet owners?puppy laying on wood flooring

If you own pets, a major concern becomes taking care of the floors and dealing with wear and tear. There are a few things to know and consider when comparing different hardwood types. First, harder woods don’t scratch easily. Secondly, consider flooring that’s finished with polymer finish rather than water poly. Lastly, consider an extra coat of protection on the flooring for long term moisture.

Do you need professional help for installation?

Consider whether or not you need help installing your hardwood flooring. While it may seem as simple as either placing down planks to glue in place, or locking them together it is easy to mess up. With the help of a professional simple errors can be avoided like proper floor prep and precise measurements. In the long run, hiring a professional sooner could save you later if an error is made.

What width of planks do you need?

The width of your planks comes down to a preference of appearance, and what price you are comfortable paying. Then decide what style you prefer and if a certain look or color is available in a plank size that you prefer.

wood floor in kitchenWhich is better engineered or traditional hardwood flooring?

Both engineered and traditional hardwood flooring look beautiful and have characteristics that need to be researched so you know their pros and cons. These are some factors that need to be considered:

Costs: Traditional hardwood is generally more expensive. Different woods can cause the price to vary. If basic costs are what you are mainly worried about engineered woods will always seem like the cheaper winner.

Durability: Durability is a huge factor when selecting flooring. Picking a softwood in a high traffic area could mean that you have to replace your floors a lot sooner than you’ll probably want to. While engineered hardwood costs less it is typically less durable than traditional. So this means it could need replacing later on which will cost you money.

When you have questions about your hardwood flooring options we are here to help! Now that you have an idea of where to start on your home project, take a look at our flooring to start getting an idea of the colors and type of flooring you like! You’ll have a beautifully finished living space before you know it!