Top 4 Reasons Why Hardwood Floors Are a Better Investment Than Carpets


Hardwood floors and carpets are the two most common choices for covering floor surfaces, so you might be wondering which option offers the better investment! While some folks are initially attracted to the lower cost of carpets, there are many factors to consider rather than just the initial expense. When you break down the true cost of carpets versus hardwood floors, there is no doubt that hardwood flooring comes out on top! Here are the top 4 reasons why hardwood floors are a better investment than carpets:

1. Hardwood Floors Have a Lifetime Value

One of the primary reasons why hardwood floors are a better investment than carpets is because hardwood floors can last multiple generations! On the other hand, carpets have an average lifespan of just 10 years and may not even last that long. When you consider that you will have to pay for new carpet materials and installation at least several times in your lifetime, it is clear that hardwood floors are the more economical flooring.While you may initially have to pay out more money for hardwood floors, this investment will pay off over time.

2. Hardwood Floors Are Easier to Keep Cleanwoman sweeping hardwood floor

Another thing to keep in mind about carpets is that they have many hidden costs associated with maintenance. When you have carpet in your home, it needs to be cleaned at least once every 2 years to avoid respiratory problems, foul odors and other issues. This means that your carpet will likely be cleaned 15 times in just 30 years, which really adds up financially for professional carpet cleaning or your own cleaning supplies. Some people even feel that carpet is impossible to clean because stains soak in and settle permanently. While hardwood floors can also be damaged or stained, the solid surface can easily be wiped clean and they can be refinished to look just like new!

3. Hardwood Floors Are Popular with Home Buyers

You might be concerned that purchasing hardwood floors is a wasted investment if you don’t plan to live in your current home for a significant amount of time into the future. However, studies have shown that the top request for homebuyers searching for a home is hardwood floors! Most home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors and many realtors even advise their clients to install hardwood floors before listing their home on the market. This means that a home with hardwood floors will yield top dollar when compared to the same home with carpets!

4. Hardwood Floors Have a Timeless Appealwood floor in kitchen

Hardwood floors have been used in homes for hundreds of years and never go out of style! While there are constant shifts in trends over the years, the popularity of hardwood floors has never decreased. The best part is that it always matches the current styles of colors and accessories, and can easily incorporate all types of decorative options. Carpets do not have the same appeal and the color choices can quickly go out of style based on current trends.

Now that know why hardwood floors are a better investment than carpets, take a look at all of the affordable hardwood floors from today! We look forward to assisting you with all of your hardwood flooring needs!