Simple Methods to Remove Hardwood Floor Stains from Common Spills

cleaning a hardwood floor

We are sure that you are excited about installing hardwood floors in your home, but you also might be wondering how to deal with spills and stains on your new floor. This may be especially true if you have young children in your home! The good news is that hardwood floors are incredibly easy to clean and stain removal is a breeze! Here are some of the simple methods that you can use to remove hardwood floor stains from common spills:

1. Removing Crayons, Candle Wax and Chewing Gum Stains

If you have kids in the house who love coloring books, there is a good chance that you may end up with a crayon stain on your hardwood floor! If you find yourself in this situation, just place an ink blotter on the wax and apply a hot pressing iron to the top of the blotter. You can use this same method for candle wax stains as well. If you have chewing gum stuck to the floor, simply apply a plastic bag filled with ice until the gum starts to crumble off. You can also apply a solvent based wax to help loosen the deposit if necessary.

2. Removing Water Stains

water stains on hardwood floorOne of the most common stains on hardwood floors are water stains, which can be easily removed by rubbing the area with #000 steel wool and wax. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try lightly sanding the spot with fine sandpaper and then clean the area using #00 steel wood or a wood floor cleaner. At that point, give the floor time to dry before staining, waxing and hand buffing the floor. When it comes to using a cleaner for any types of stains, be sure to use a cleaner that is specifically developed for a urethane finish. If you have spots that are particularly stubborn, use a cleaner and a scrub pad that is made for urethane floors.

3. Removing Oil and Grease Stains

The best way to remove hardwood floor stains of oil and grease is with kitchen soap that has a high lye content or by using cotton with hydrogen peroxide. Start by rubbing the stained area with kitchen soap to see if this removes the stain, then let the area dry and hand buff. The alternative is saturating cotton with hydrogen peroxide and placing it over the stain. The next step is to saturate a second layer of cotton with ammonia and place it over the first layer. Repeat this process until the stain has been completely removed, and then dry and hand buff.

4. Removing Dried Milk and Food Stains

A man buffing a hardwood floor with a cloth.Dried milk and food stains are common stains that you might see frequently on your hardwood floors! However, there is no need to panic as these are some of the easiest stains to clean! You only need to rub the stains with a damp cloth, then rub the floors dry and wax them.

Now that you feel more comfortable about how easy it is to remove hardwood floor stains from common spills, take a look at all of our flooring products to find the perfect hardwood floor for your home! We hope to do business with you soon!