The Best Flooring Options for House Flippers

house flipper installing flooring option for renovation

When we started back in 2009, the Great Recession was in full swing. Almost everyone had been stung, including me. What we experienced changed our thoughts forever on what the differences were between wants and needs. We need a floor in our house, but we want that floor to be majestic! We need to save money on flooring, but we do not want junk. We can help with that!

No customer is more price-conscious than you, the flipper. When we started this business, we immediately became popular with flippers and home builders, which has not changed. Why? Because:

1) You cannot buy wood flooring cheaper than we have it anywhere in the USA

2) You cannot get a better value than what we can offer.

Being the cheapest is not hard on any given day. Being the cheapest and the most competitive day in, day out is a bit more of a challenge. I am getting ready to tell you our secrets, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok?

How Are We So Cheap?

The secret is supply and demand. Every manufacturer of flooring makes seconds and lower graded products, as well as sometimes having overstocked and discontinued goods. Unfortunately for them, they will lose money on these floors. Fortunately for manufacturers, they don’t produce much of any money-losing flooring. So who sells this money-losing flooring? Big box stores don’t want to!

Big box stores want everything made easy, so they need to buy the same product at the same specs, month after month. They cannot be bothered with having to inspect material, or explaining different grades to each customer, so they are not interested in the odd goods.

The World of Promotional Goods

Selling promo goods is a lot of work. We get stuck with a lot of small lots, and occasionally a lot will not be graded as represented to us. While problems are rare, they do occur. They occur often enough to keep most flooring businesses out of the promo goods business. Can you see why the demand is low for promo goods? Next, let’s cover the supply!

Remember the part about every manufacturer has promo goods? About 5-10% of flooring produced by manufacturers are discounted and sold to avoid clogging up their warehouses. The people who buy their promo goods are

We Specialize in USA Made Flooring

That is where steps in. Of the top 4 manufacturers of wood flooring in the USA, we are the largest, if not the only outlet for promo goods for 3 of them. Talk about specializing!

We are excellent at securing these products, moving them to our warehouses, inspecting the floors, representing them to our customers honestly, and getting these products shipped promptly. Sound easy? Never. But it is rewarding. 

Our business has grown from a small, family-owned startup to a big, family-owned success story. We are still the same family, doing business the same as before.

You understand why we say, “You cannot buy wood flooring cheaper than we have it anywhere in the USA.” Let’s talk about why we say, “You cannot get a better value than what we can offer.”

Value Begins in Hardwood Grades

In the picture below, you can see 4 different grades of the same wood. All of these are Red Oak with a natural finish. Think they look a lot alike? What is the big difference? Price. The most expensive is First Quality, and it will sell for about $4 a sq ft, depending on the market. While this is a little bit high for a standard first quality floor, this is not a standard floor. Somerset makes this floor primarily with select lumber and offers the highest quality construction and visuals you can buy.

The other products are graded on attributes such as board length, color contrast, or natural defects such as knots or wormholes. Two of these floors sell for less than $2 a square foot. That is where we offer such impressive values! All 4 floors are made from the same trees, milled the same, and finished the same, with aluminum oxide. You can see why house flipping experts and home builders love shopping promo goods!

You can buy 1200 sq feet of these floors and save $2400 between our Cabin and first quality, with little to no impact on your finished installation. That is value! Read our blog Hardwood Grades 101, to learn more about the differences between hardwood grades and see them for yourself.

That was one example of selecting a floor for your flip. Keep in mind that we have lots of species, widths, and colors available. Saving money at does not mean you can’t get what you want.

Saving with Engineered Hardwood Floors

Another great way to save money is to use one of our engineered floors. Our Engineered floors are made in the USA because, well, all of our hardwood floors are! The leading manufacturer of high-end engineered floors in the USA produces our Blue Label and Engineered flooring. Expect to see 1/2″ thickness, utilizing 8 plys of hardwood, no particle board, aluminum oxide finish, and a sawn face veneer to our Blue Label and Engineered floors. 

Have you heard of a sawn face veneer? I will try to explain it in as few words as possible.

Most engineered hardwood floors are made with a veneer that is rotary peeled. In the diagram below, you can see what I mean.

engineered hardwood veneer sawn vs face sawn diagram

While this process yields more veneer than any other way, the veneer suffers from a fairly severe case of ugly.

With a sawn-face veneer, the log is sliced the same as a solid hardwood floor would be cut, just thinner. The sawn-face process results in a high-end engineered hardwood floor that looks just like a solid. The downside is that this process costs more, and results in a finished product that, while looking much better, and performing better due to it’s higher density, costs a lot more unless you have a friend at that can hook you up with these floors for well under $2!

Our Best Deals in the Country

While we also offer rotary peeled floors for the jobs where price is the only consideration, our Blue Label and Builder offer a value unmatched in the flooring industry. Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, and White Oak in widths up to 7″ and over 20 different finishes ensure you get the floor your customer wants at the price you need and the quality you never expected. A home flippers dream. 

Our Antique Collection features a wire-brushed finish that looks a little more rustic, while our Oak Plank Collection is a smooth surface. Our Appalachian and Country Collections offer natural Hickory and Maple floors, along with different stains.

Our Monthly Warehouse Sales

Another opportunity to save big money is during our monthly Warehouse Sales. Each month, at each location, we reduce the inventory prices that we need to get rid of more quickly. Bring a truck and some dough. We will try to fill your vehicle and only take part of your dough! However, some customers like to stop at Harrah’s in Murphy or Cherokee on the way home. I understand that sometimes the money they saved disappears over there.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Another product that is popular for use in a lot of resale homes is LVP. If you are not familiar with LVP floors, or if you just want to know more technical info pertaining to them, read our What is Luxury Vinyl Plank blog.

Luxury vinyl plank has a few claims to fame. The first is being waterproof. While this isn’t applicable to all LVP products (read the blog!), all of the ones we offer are waterproof. Second, LVP is pet-proof. Third, LVP is kid-proof.

Honestly, it is hard to oversell a good quality LVP, and very easy to oversell a bad one (anything under 12 mil of wear layer).

Luxury Vinyl Plank floors are made using layers of material on top of a central core. Made correctly, this results in a very stable floor that will resist dents and scratches for decades. Luxury Vinyl Plank is an excellent match for rentals. We sell vast amounts of this in both house flips and personal home projects.

COREtec Value in Luxury Vinyl Plank

At, we are proud to offer LVP made by COREtec, the leading producer in the world in terms of style, quality, and value. Our Hazel Creek product is a 12 mil click that will not warp due to moisture or temperature swings, is available in 8 great colors, features a natural cork back, and is priced at only $1.89. You can buy floors a little bit cheaper than that, but it will be a low end, 6 mil or 8 mil, and you will have problems with it. Don’t call me whining when you do! Spend another 20 or 30 cents and save your sanity. It is not a great value when you are getting sued because it warped!

We also offer an upgraded 20 mil product at $2.39, COREtec’s Mills River. This collection not only provides a commercially rated warranty but also provides some of the most attractive visuals on the market. Our Belmont Hickory and Jordan Pine, shown below, are some of our customer’s favorites.

Never Heard of Us?

Listen, I get that it can be difficult, shopping online for flooring. With a company, you have never heard of. I understand. But please believe me when I say that we will save you money. We want your money to go right back in your pocket, where it should be. I started Really Cheap Floors because I am really cheap. 

I make sure that every product we sell is offering you way more value than you pay for. You can trust me on that. My brother Jason? Well, he likes to fish. And golf, so he fibs a little. Jason told me he doesn’t read these blogs. I hope you’ll email him and let him know he needs to start!

Free Samples

We offer free samples for the first pack of samples you order. If you are indecisive and keep ordering samples, we will let you pay the shipping.

Repeat Customers Are Our Lifeblood

Repeat buyers are over half of our business, and we are very proud of that. As I said earlier, being the cheapest isn’t very hard. Offering the best value, day after day, that is quite the accomplishment. We take care of our house flipping friends because you are the reason we can stay in business. We give a flip about you! Was that a bad pun? I will let you decide.

If you have any questions about any of our products or just want to talk to someone with a Southern accent, please give us a call.