All You Need to Know About Engineered Wood Floors

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There is a lot of things you have to consider when you decide to replace your floors. What kind of flooring should I go with? What flooring is the best for my space? How do I clean the new flooring? Where can I get the best price on my new floors? Well, we have the answers to some of your questions about engineered wood floors.

What are engineered wood floors?

Basically, they are hardwood floors that are made by different types of wood with varying grains. Engineered wood floors tend to be more stable than real hardwood floors after they’ve been installed. Engineered hardwood floors tend to be used more in areas with fluctuating humidity. Because of the varying grains that run in different directions in the flooring, they don’t react to moisture the same way hardwood does. This means they won’t expand or shrink when exposed to moisture as much as real hardwood floors do. They also tend to be more popular because they can be wider planked.

Can engineered wood floors be refinished?

They can be sanded and refinished, but not as many times as real hardwood floors. This is due to the fact that they have multiple grains running through them. If you sand and refinish them too many times, you might damage them and you don’t want that.

What to clean engineered wood floors with?

Gentle cleaners are the best thing to clean engineered wood floors with. Stay away from cleaners that tend to be more heavy duty, like cleaners with a lot of bleach in them. Also, when mopping your floors, use as little soap or cleaner as possible. If you are concerned that the cleaners you used to use are too harsh, see what kind of floors they are recommended for. Specials cleaners for engineered wood floors do exist, so you can look for those too. Your floors should be cleaned daily, or the very least, weekly.

Is engineered wood flooring waterproof?

No, it is not. It is more resistant to moisture than real hardwood floors, but it is not waterproof. In fact, if you ever find standing water on your engineered floors or spills, you need to clean it up as soon as possible. This is just better for your floors, and it will prevent staining of your floors. If you do find a stain or sticky spot that won’t go away after cleaning it a few times, use ice to harden the spot and scrape it off gently with a plastic scraper.

Best priced engineered floors?

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