Top 4 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are the Best Flooring Option for Your Home

Top 4 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are the Best Flooring Option for Your Home

If you are on the fence about purchasing hardwood floors due to the expense or other concerns, you can feel confident that hardwood flooring is the best choice for your home! When you consider the low maintenance and overall life of a hardwood floor, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost! Here are the top 4 reasons why hardwood floors are the best flooring option for your home:

Contemporary Living Room With Hardwood Flooring1. Beautiful Appearance

The primary reason why so many folks prefer hardwood flooring is because of its unique and beautiful appearance. Despite being one of the oldest types of floor materials, it never goes out of style and adds a tremendous amount of character to your house! This is because of the wide variety of wood types that are available, including different shades, designs, colors and grain patterns. Due to the stunning look of hardwood floors, it actually increases the value of your home. In fact, a hardwood floor is often the deciding factor when it comes to the sale of a house!

2. Low Maintenance

While hardwood floors may generally cost more than carpeted floors, they also require much less maintenance! Since hardwood floors usually consist of a sealed surface with a protective layer of finish, they are more stain resistant than other flooring types. Hardwood floors can also be repaired or refinished while carpet often needs to be replaced completely when damaged. While hardwood floors do get dented, scratched and scraped, they can often be sanded down and refinished to look like new. It is highly unlikely that you would ever need to completely replace your hardwood floor!

3. Easy to Keep Clean

woman vaccums hardwood floorAnother reason why hardwood floors are the best flooring option for your home is because they are easy to keep clean! There is no place for dirt and debris to hide, which makes it is easy to find and remove with a vacuum. This results in a cleaner and healthier living environment, which is particularly welcome for those who suffer from allergies! On the other hand, carpet absorbs a significant amount of dust, germs and other debris into its fibers that can be difficult to remove.

4. Environmental Benefits

While you might not normally think about the environmental benefits of hardwood flooring, it is actually the most renewable type of flooring material available! In fact, the U.S. Forest Service has stated that the annual net growth for hardwoods is greater than the annual rate of removal.
When it comes to the differences between producing carpet and hardwood, carpet production requires more synthetic materials and is treated with more chemicals. Hardwood can also last a lifetime while carpet usually needs to be completely replaced every 10 to 15 years! When hardwood does reach the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled which makes it very sustainable.

Check out all of the hardwood floors at today to find the best flooring option for your home and to enjoy the fantastic benefits of a hardwood floor! We look forward to helping you make your home look more beautiful than ever!