3 Simple Ways to Take Care of Hardwood Flooring With Pets

dog lying on hardwood floor in house

If you always wanted to have hardwood flooring in your home but are concerned that they might be ruined by your pets, you will be happy to know that pets and hardwood floors can easily co-exist! In fact, there are millions of homeowners with pets who enjoy the tremendous benefits of hardwood flooring! Here are 3 simple ways to take care of your hardwood flooring with pets:

1. Prevent Pet Scratches

Husky on rug near doorOne of the common concerns about owning hardwood floors is that they will be scratched up by your pets. However, there are several things that you can do to minimize the scratches on the surface of your floors. The most effective defense is to clip and trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis. This is especially important with larger breeds of dogs as they exert more pressure on hardwood floors when they are running around or playing. You can also try to reduce scratching by placing scatter rugs at all doors to minimize the amount of dirt that is tracked into your house, especially if you have a pet that likes to dig! If you do see a pet scratch on your hardwood floors, there is no need to panic as they usually occur only in the finish rather than the wood itself. In these cases, a professional wood flooring contractor can offer specific recommendations on how to repair the scratches.

2. Avoid Pet Accidents

Another concern about hardwood flooring with pets is when your pet may have an accident on the floor. While the acid in animal urine and vomit can damage the finish and the wood floor boards, the good news is that there are easy solutions to address this problem. Accidents can be prevented with proper training of your dog. In the meantime, you can place training pads on those areas where your dog often has an accident. Make sure that the training pads you use have an absorbent surface and plastic backing, which prevents any liquids from going through the pad to the hardwood floor. The smooth surface of hardwood floors actually makes the job of cleaning up after your pet much easier than a carpet, which can harbor many germs. For cat owners, it is only a matter of cleaning up any vomit as quickly as possible.

3. Use Stable Bowls for Water and Food

dog eating out of bowl on hardwood floorWhile some pets certainly make more of a mess than others when it comes to chow time, most have a tendency to leave at least some food around their bowl. If you are worried about pet food or water on your hardwood floor, try to use a heavy bowl that is stable to prevent spills. You can also use a waterproof mat under the food and water bowls to help protect your floor. If you use mats constructed of rubber or similar materials, they will also help to keep the bowls from moving around and scratching the hardwood floors.

Now that you are familiar with how to take care of your hardwood flooring with pets, check out all of our flooring products to find the perfect hardwood floor for your home! We look forward to doing business with you!